Create a Project

Create a new project in CoMan, select the scenario as well as the data base.

In order to do simulations with CoMan, a new project has to be created first. This can be done by selecting File > New Project from the File menu or by clicking on the corresponding toolbar button. A dialog will open where the simulation environment and further parameters can be specified.

Figure 1. The New Project dialog.
Selection of simulation environment depending on the available databases.
Databases & Parameters
The database(s) of the modeled simulation environment has (have) to be specified in this section depending on the selected scenario. In addition, the location and name of a folder to store the computation results has to be specified.
Note: The absolute path for the result folder will be added automatically, depending on the absolute path of the database, if the default name is not changed, but it can still be changed manually.

After the creation of a new project the wireless system to be simulated has to be configured. This can be done either manually using the graphical user interface or by importing data from external applications.