Video: Running a Fast Molding Analysis

Learn how to automatically designate the components in a part design and run a fast filling analysis.

  1. Click Open Model on the Files icon and browse to the fast_run.x_b file in the installation directory, or drag-and-drop the file into the modeling window.

  2. On the Part Cavity icon, click Auto Configure Components, then select the injection point on the model to automatically detect the mold cavity, gate, runners, and sprue.

  3. Review the material selections and temperature in the microdialog. Keep the default values.

  4. Double-right click to confirm the part cavity and runner system components.
  5. Click the Process icon. Review the default process parameters, then click OK.

  6. Click the button on the Analyze icon.

  7. On the Stages tab, set the slider bar to Fast.
    Note: A slider set to Fast or Medium produces Filling results only. If you require Packing, Cooling, or Warpage results, you must set the slider to Detailed.
  8. Accept the default values for the remaining options, then click Run.
  9. When the simulation is finished running, click the green flag on the Analyze icon to view the results in the Analysis Explorer.
  10. Select a result type and click the Play button under Animation to animate the results.
You have completed the steps to set up and run a fast molding analysis!