Solver Templates

Solver templates are ASCII data files containing HyperMesh Template Language Commands and HyperMesh Template Language Functions.

Export templates define the form of an ASCII output file and format the data in a HyperMesh database for finite element codes. The template commands are organized in blocks which are output in the order they are defined. Export templates also define card images for data in the HyperMesh database. The HyperMesh Card Image panel is then used to review and edit the data. HyperMesh Card Preview Commands are available for this purpose.

Export templates exist for each solver supported by HyperMesh and are located in sub-folders under the <altair_home>/templates/feoutput directory. They are loaded when the user profile is changed or from the Global panel.

Summary templates use the same commands and functions. However, instead of defining the format of data and output files, they define how to summarize data in the database. Examples include a component summary, mass calculations and load summaries. Summary templates are utilized in the Summary panel.