Altair HyperStudy 2021.1 Release Notes

New Features

Extracting Hotspot Results
In HyperView, Hotspot Finder tool helps engineers find critical regions of models. The hotspots can be stored in an *.mvw session file and can then be used as a resource file in the new HyperView model to extract those hotspots automatically.


Missing Value Treatment
When importing data automatically or manually, an option has been added in the Data Preparation and Variable Assignment window to automatically replace missing values with nominal values.
Scatter Plot with Evaluation Index Number
In the Post-Processing step, an option has been added to show evaluatioin numbers as markers in scatter plots.
Simpler Way of Registering Custom Report Generators
User-defined report scripts can now be easily registered from the GUI.
Difference Between Reference and Target Curves
In the Area Tool, it is now possible to plot absolute difference between reference and target curves.
Alternative View in Pareto Plot
In addition to absolute values, effect bars can now be shown in both directions of the datum.
External Sampling Fit
The use of user-defined sampling method is now supported in Sampling Fit approach.
Enriched Information on Constraints
Violated constraints are now depicted by bar-type sparklines which visually help users understand how far they are from their respective thresholds. The current value and constraint condition are displayed in the tooltip.
Rebuilding Fit Models in More Efficient Manner
After Radial Basis Function (RBF) model is trained, weight coefficients are now stored in the approach directory. This significantly reduces rebuilding time when the study session is reloaded.
Two New Tutorials for New Features
HS-600 and HS-1650 have been added for the Sampling Fit approach and Inspire Studio Model, respectively.

Resolved Issues

  • HyperStudy Fit model renamed original varnames used for creating pyfit files.
  • Template editor ignored scientific format with double-digit precision.
  • Optimization in batch mode failed to generate reports.
  • In some cases, Genetic Algorithm repeated designs when used with input variable constraints.


  • Filter option in Add Matrix window has been renamed to Data Preparation.
  • Studies created by HyperStudy v12.x and earlier will no longer be automatically updated. Please contact support if you need to open an older version.
  • As of version 2021.2, Knowledge Studio Text report generator will be deprecated. Knowledge Studio .xlsx is a superior means to transfer data to Knowledge Studio.
  • As of version 2021.2, *.data report generator will support string values.
  • As of version 2021.2, report directory <studyDir>/rpt, where report files are generated, will be renamed to <studyDir>/reports.