User Interface

Explore the HyperStudy user interface.

The menu bar contains pull-down menus that provide access to standard functions such as file management operations, system preferences, and help. The ribbon allows you to quickly access tools and standard functions, and is located along the top of HyperStudy. Click on an icon to open the related tool. Hovering over a group of icons may reveal additional tools. The Explorer displays a hierarchical view of your study setup and approaches, and can be used to guide you through the study setup process. The Directory displays all of the files in the current study folder, that is the study in use in the Explorer. The work area is where you define study models, input variables, output responses, and approach details, and post process results. The Message Log window, located at the bottom of HyperStudy, logs warnings and errors encountered while you are conducting your investigation. The status bar, located at the bottom of HyperStudy, displays supplemental information about your study.