BCs Menu

CFD has the following boundary condition tools:
Create Single Component
Opens a dialog to create a single component.
Create CFD Components
Functionality to define the standard CFD collectors. In the dialog, the commonly used collectors names, such as inflow, are pre-selected. Components can be added or removed from the list and a multiplier for each component can be defined. By clicking Create the selected components are created and appear in the Model Browser.
Delete data from a model database, preview and delete empty collectors, and preview and delete unused property collectors, material collectors or curves.
Find the free edges in a group of elements, find "T" or discontinuous connections in a group of elements (any edges connected to three or more elements), display duplicate nodes and equivalence duplicate nodes.
Edit Element
Hand-build, combine, split or modify elements.
Element Types
Select the type of element to create and also allows you to change existing element types.
Opens the Faces panel. This panel is used to generate the bounding or exterior surface elements (^faces collector) that will be used to define surface zones for the different boundary conditions.
Hidden Line
Create hidden line plots of the displayed structure. Also contains the Clip Boundary Elements tool, which allows you to visually sweep the cutting section for greater viewing clarity.
Reorganize your database by copying or moving data (entities) among collectors or includes.