Batch Mode

Using HgTrans, you can convert all or a subset of data from a native file format to Altair Binary Format (ABF) via the batch mode process.

To start a batch mode process, run hgtrans.exe in a DOS command prompt on a PC or use hgtrans from a Unix shell. If you do not specify complete arguments in the command line, the defaults will be used.hgtrans.exe is located in the following directories:
Table 1.
Option/<Parameter> Description
-a Translates all results to an ABF file without a configuration file.
-c<config file> The name of the configuration file(s).

-c<config file> and -c [space] <config file> are equal.

-help or -h Help.
-o<output file> The name of the ABF output file.
<result file> The name of the result file.
-tho Translates ODB results into an ABF file with only Time History Output -tho.
-z [percent]<None|Standard|High> Amount of lossless zlib compression. This does not effect load time in HyperGraph but does slow down the HgTrans translation.

No options launch the HgTrans GUI.