Altair HyperCrash 2021 Release Notes

Solver Interfaces

Radioss Interface

New Features

New Radioss 2021 Solver Interface
The new Radioss solver version 2021 is supported.
New Keywords
The following Radioss keywords have been added:
  • /MAT/LAW108
  • /MAT/LAW101


Updated Keywords
The following keywords have been updated to in Radioss solver versions 2020 and 2020.1:
  • /MAT/LAW51
  • /MAT/LAW63
  • /MAT/LAW81
  • /MAT/LAW92
  • /MAT/LAW94
  • /MAT/LAW95
  • /MAT/LAW100
Enhancements were made to the import/export csv file with connected part IDs instead of property IDs.
Solver Conversion
The following LS-Dyna keywords are now fully supported in the conversion to the Radioss solver:
  • *MAT_119
  • *MAT_083

Resolved Issues

  • Issue in position calculation for LS-DYNA *DEFINE_TRANFORMATION using POINT and ROTATE ins sequence
  • Issue in Radioss result initializer process when 0 integration is defined in the shell property card
  • Issue in model checker when checking if any material stress-strain curves are crossing each other. The check is now enhanced to report all valid errors of material curves definitions.


  • Due to the removal of HyperMesh standalone, all the links to start HyperMesh from HyperCrash have become obsolete and have been removed.