Topics Discussed in Example

Before starting this example, check if the topics discussed in this example are relevant to the intended application and experience level.

The topics discussed in this example are:
    • Create a planar multilayer dielectric substrate.
    • Create a finite sized dielectric substrate.
    • Compare the computational resource requirements using different modelling techniques.
    • Specify symmetry to save computational resources.
    • Add a voltage source to a wire segment.
    • Mesh the model.
    • Run CEM validate to ensure the model is electromagnetically validated.
    • Run the Solver
    • View the simulated input reflection coefficient on a Cartesian graph.
    • View the simulated real and imaginary parts of the input impedance on a Cartesian graph.
Note: Follow the example steps in the order it is presented as each step uses its predecessor as a starting point.
Tip: Find the two completed models in the Altair installation directory for example:
  • Altair/2021/help/feko/examples/GetStarted_models/Project3-Patch_Antennas/Patch1_Greens_function/Patch_Infinite.cfx
  • Altair/2021/help/feko/examples/GetStarted_models/Project3-Patch_Antennas/Patch2_Finite_substrate/Patch_Finite.cfx