Using Selection in the 3D View

Use the selection type tool to highlight an element in the 3D view.

The following steps are not required for building the model, but it illustrates how selection works in CADFEKO.
  1. Move the mouse cursor to one of the inside faces of the flare.
  2. Click on the face.
    Note: The face is highlighted in yellow.

  3. Click again on the face.
    Note: The entire model is highlighted in yellow.

    The default CADFEKO selection method (Auto) cycles through the applicable selection type when repeatedly clicking on the model.

    The first click highlighted the face of the flare. The second click highlighted the flare part.

  4. Change the selection type using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Tools tab, in the Selection group, click the  Selection type icon.

    • On the status bar, click Selection type (Selection toolbar). Select the required selection type from the list.