Animate Results

Generate 3D animations when you simulate models that include Modelica Multibody blocks.

Load a mechanical system model that includes Modelica Multibody blocks such as the DoublePendulumMB.scm model located in the MultiBody folder of the Demo Browser.
  1. Select the Define Simulation Results tool on the Simulate icon.

  2. Select the Animation check box.

  3. Run your simulation.
    As your simulation runs, the 3D Viewer plays the animation of your model.

    Note: You may need to move or close browsers if they are blocking the 3D Viewer window.
  4. Play the animation using the options on the toolbar at the bottom of the 3D Viewer window.

    Animation Toolbar Option Description
    Play the animation.
    You can also press the Spacebar to play and pause the animation.
    Pause the animation.
    Move to the previous or next frames in the animation.
    Move to the first or last frames of the animation.

    Drag the slider to view a particular point during the simulation.
    Click the Settings button to modify the Animation Settings.

Define Animation Settings

  1. Select the Settings button on the Animation toolbar.

  2. Define the Animation Settings.

    Animation Setting Description
    Playback Select whether to play the animation on a continuous Loop, Once, or Bounce (between forwards and backwards). Select the check box to Reverse Playback.
    Display Change the speed of the animation.
    Increment By Increase the value in the counter to skip frames during playback. Click to restore the default values.
    Range Select Range to define the start and end frames for the animation. This lets you limit the playback range of the animation, making it easier to study specific details in the simulation. You can use the Ctrl key while clicking on the Start or End icons to jump to Range Start and Range End, respectively.
    Speed Drag the slider to change the speed of the animation from slow to fast.

Set the Model View

Define the axis from which to view the model in the animation.

  1. Select the Global Axis button in the 3D Animation Viewer.

  2. Choose a Top, Front, Right, or Isometric view of the model.

View Multiple Animations

Use the tabs in the 3D Viewer to view the animations from multiple model simulations.

When working with multiple models, the 3D Viewer retains the animations created during your current Activate session.
  1. Load at least two multibody models.
  2. Set up and simulate each model with the Animation option selected in the Simulation Parameters dialog.
  3. Select a tab for the model animation that you would like to review.