View Cuts

This option is used to analyze information about the calculated 2D Far Fields using the observation directions previously created in the Output menu. When selecting this option, a panel similar to the one presented in the figure will be displayed:

Figure 1. View Cuts panel. Linear plot

This command plots the amplitude or the phase of the RCS computed for each angular cut. Several cuts and frequencies can be plotted in the same graphic. To plot a graph, the user must select the RCS component, the frequency and the cut. The user can press the button “Add Series” to plot the new graph. In the case that the user has set up a parametrized geometry, it is possible to select the step to visualize the results for.

It is also possible to delete the selected trace of the list with the “Remove Series“. The display option allows to change the color of the series and display points. The buttons “Import Series“ and “Export Series“ are used for importing and exporting the selected series in “List of Series“ to a datatext file.

The user can also switch between the linear graph and the polar graph to visualize far field results.

Figure 2. View Cuts panel. Polar plot