Circular Array

This section explains how to create a circular patch array antenna.

When the option is selected, the next panel and a previsualization of the antenna with the parameters on the panel are displayed.

Figure 1. Circular patch array panel
  • Patch dimensions set the values of the length and width of the patches (Lpatch and Wpatch) and the position of the feeding point from the center of the patch (Fdist).
  • Array dimensions set the values of the number of patches in the first ring (Nring_1), the number of rings (Rings) and the distance between rings (Dring).
  • Layer Properties set the substrate material from the material library of newFASANT and the height of the substrate material (Hsubs).

For each modification on parameters panel, this previsualization will be updated for the new parameters.

Figure 2. Circular patch array previsualization

Clicking on 'Add' button, the final visualization for the antenna with a red dashed line for every coaxial feed will be shown.

Figure 3. Circular patch array visualization