Share Job Files

Share job files using an application (email or WhatsApp) that is installed on your device.

Note: The file size for sharing is limited to 20 MB.

To share job files:

  1. Select the job by tapping the job name in the jobs list.
    Job input files are displayed under the Input tab. When a job completes, job result files are displayed under the Output tab. Job files for a running job are displayed under the Running Folder tab.
  2. Choose one of the following based on the job state:
    • Tap the Input tab to view job input files.
    • Tap the Running Folder tab to view job files for a running job.
    • Tap the Output tab to view job files for a completed job.
    A list of job files is displayed.
  3. Perform one of the following options:
    • Long press on a file in the List and then click Share from the menu.
    • Tap a file to open it and then tap on the Share icon located in the top right corner.
    A list of applications available on the device that provide sharing capabilities are displayed.
  4. Select an application and share the file.