Latest features available with Altair Access™ Mobile.
Altair Access Mobile allows you to monitor your jobs on the go.
System Requirement for Access Mobile.
The application is preconfigured to connect to a public demo server or to an HPC Cluster.
Refresh the job list.
Job Notifications will be displayed in Access Mobile providing the status of the job.
Filter your monitoring criteria to display all jobs submitted to the workload manager complex or only a subset of those jobs.
Sort the job list.
View job properties to understand the details or state of a job.
View job files required for running the job and those created as output by the job.
Delete a job that is submitted once it is complete or failed.
Terminate a running job or remove a queued job.
Search for a job in the jobs list.
Search for a job property from the list.
Search for job files from the job list.
Share job files using an application (email or WhatsApp) that is installed on your device.
Visualize plots from the result files.
Set the Theme of Access Mobile.
Logout of Access Mobile application.
View the Access Mobile application help.