Defining the Input Time Pulse

Create a time signal to analyse frequency domain results in the time domain. A list of predefined time signals are available.

  1. Obtain a frequency domain solution over the required bandwidth for the relevant requests.
  2. On the Time analysis tab, in the Time signal group, click the  New time signal icon.
  3. On the Create time signal dialog, from the Signal type drop-down list, select one of the following time signals:
    • Define pulse mathematically
    • Double exponential difference pulse
    • Double exponential piecewise pulse
    • Gaussian pulse (normal distribution)
    • Ramp
    • Specify points manually
    • Triangular pulse

    Figure 1. The Create time signal dialog.
  4. Modify the time signal parameters to adjust the time signal.
  5. Click Create to create the time signal and to close the dialog.