Advanced Solver Settings

Advanced solver settings are available to reduce the memory footprint or speed up a solution for specific types of models.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Solution settings group, click the  Solver settings icon. On the Solver setting dialog, click the Advanced tab.

Factorisation for Parallel Execution

This option allows you to select between using standard full-rank factorisation or block low-rank (BLR) factorisation. Using block low-rank (BLR) factorisation for some classes of models with the MLFMM or FEM solution methods, can reduce the factorisation complexity and the memory footprint of the sparse LU-based preconditioners.
This option applies the predefined factorisation type adopted by the Solver.
This option applies automatically the optimum factorisation type based on the model.
Use standard full-rank factorisation
This option applies the standard full-rank factorisation.
Use block low-rank (BLR) factorisation
This option applies the block low-rank (BLR) factorisation.
Note: This option is only applicable when using the parallel Solver.

Compression for Looped Plane Wave Sources

This option is an accelerated method that can be used to speed up the solution for a model that contains a plane wave source that loops over multiple directions (for example, when calculating RCS).