Requesting a Far Field

Add a far field request to the model.

  1. On the Request tab, in the Solution requests group, click the  Far fields icon.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • To calculate the general far field pattern or bistatic RCS1, click Calculate fields as specified. The Spherical coordinate system is generally used to define far fields.
      • To specify a pattern, enter the Start, End and Increment.
      • To use a commonly-defined pattern, click one of the following:
        • Horizontal cut (UV plane)
        • Vertical cut (UN plane)
        • Vertical cut (VN plane)
        • 3D pattern
    • To calculate monostatic radar cross section (RCS) or if an RCS optimisation search is based on this far field request, click Calculate fields in plane wave incident direction.

      No additional parameters are required as the scattered fields are only calculated in the direction that the incident plane wave is coming from. The incident plane wave's workplane settings (rotation or translation of the local coordinate system) are used for the far field calculation.

      Note: For an RCS calculation, the model must contain a plane wave source2.
  3. In the Label field, add a unique label for the request.
  4. Click Create to request the far field result and to close the dialog.
1 radar cross section
2 with single or multiple directions of incidence