Other CADFEKO Application Macros

A collection of smaller CADFEKO application macros are available, but these macros do not include step-by-step instructions.

Pre-Process PollEx REI File

This application macro imports a .rei file from Altair PollEx and creates the associated geometry in CADFEKO.

Create Rough Sea Surface

This application macro creates a CADFEKO model of a rough sea surface.

Create Inductive Charging Coils

This application macro creates a CADFEKO model of two inductive charging coils.

Ideal Power Divider

This application macro generates a network model of an ideal n-port power divider with unequal division, a 2-port Wilkinson power divider with unequal division, and an n-port Wilkinson power divider with equal division.

Create Far Field Equivalent Sources Split Over Frequency

This application macro creates a far field equivalent source for each frequency split over multiple configurations. The application macro also adds a receiving antenna request with each configuration.
Note: Run the Combine Far Field Equivalent Sources application macro in POSTFEKO to combine the result for each configuration.

Optenni Lab: Port Matching

This application macro uses Optenni Lab to generate matching networks for all desired ports.

Parameter Sweep: Create Models

This application macro generates different permutations of a parametric model based on varying the value of the model variables.