Generate Antenna Array

The application macro allows you to create an array of elements. Specify the number of elements and offset between the elements, or import the coordinates from file to create an irregular-spaced array. For the array amplitude distribution, select a mathematical distribution (such as cosine) or import the magnitude and phase for each element from file.

The array tool application macro has additional functionality when comparing to the Finite array tool1 in CADFEKO that allows you to create custom and complex antenna arrays with ease. Create a .cfx file that contains the base element (antenna). Then use the application macro to copy the base elements (including all its ports, sources and loads) to create the array. Each source and load are given a unique name, allowing you to modify any source or load for an array element after the application macro was run. You can also specify the configuration to which the sources and loads should be copied.

Figure 1. The antenna array created by copying the base element. Each element has a unique label for the port, source and load.
Tip: Find the examples in the <FEKO_SHARED_HOME> directory:


1 The Finite antenna array tool in CADFEKO copies the base element, but the same sources and loads as used for the base element, are used for all antenna array elements. For the array amplitude distributions, you can either specify the uniform amplitude distribution or specify the magnitude and phase per element.