Application Menu

The application menu is similar to a standard file menu of an application. It allows saving and loading of models, print functionality and gives access to application-wide settings.

When you click on the application menu drop-down button, the application menu, consisting of two panels, is displayed.

The first panel gives you access to application-wide settings, for example:

  • Creating a new model.
  • Opening a model, saving a model and closing a model.
  • Component library
  • Archive
  • Import
  • Export
  • Print
  • Check for updates
  • Settings
    • Preferences
    • Colour settings (for example, preview colour and background colour)
    • 3D mouse sensitivity setting
    • Snapping settings (when Ctrl+Shift is used)
    • Rendering options (for example, rendering mode and transparency mode)
    • Model unit
    • Model extents
    • Solver settings
    • Component launch options
    • Tabs on the ribbon
  • Feko help
  • About
    • Version information about CADFEKO
    • Information about Altair Simulation Products
    • Information about third-party libraries
  • Exit

The second panel consists of a recent file list and is replaced by a sub-menu when a menu item is selected.

Figure 1. The application menu in CADFEKO.