Run Activate on Linux in GUI mode or batch mode.

Run in GUI Mode on Linux

Run Activate from the Linux terminal.

From the directory where Activate is installed on your system, execute the script <installation_directory>/Activate.
Note: You can pass an .scm file as an input argument to the invoke command: <installation_directory>/Activate -f foo.scm

Run in Batch Mode on Linux

The batch mode option is especially useful for process automation, optimization or other repetitive simulation tasks.

Invoke the script: <installation_directory>/Activate_batch, and then enter either Activate model files (.scm files) or OML scripts (.oml files) as input arguments preceded with –f. For example, for an OML script, enter Activate_batch -f name.oml. For a .scm file, enter Activate_batch -f name.scm
Note: If the model file contains graphical windows, such as plot windows for Scope blocks, the windows are not generated or displayed.