Altair Activate library provides all the blocks (signal-based) for creating Activate models. The library is organized in palettes covering all the main capabilities of Activate (signal importers and exporters, dynamic systems, mathematical operations, ...) The library also includes blocks to perform cosimulation (MotionSolve, Flux, FMU Standard) and interfaces blocks to leverage both the Modelica and Spice libraries.


ModelicaExtras palette provides some Modelica components that can be use in Activate model. In this palette we can find: Modelica custom blocks/components Modelica scalar vector conversion Modelica structure insertion and extraction and other components to facilitate the use of Modelica in Activate


The Activate Communicate library provides blocks to support various communication protocols.


The Activate Arduino library provides blocks to support Arduino boards. The library allows for simulation and code generation of Activate models using Arduino components.

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Altair HyperSpice library is an Activate block library for Spice components. This library is dedicated to simulation of electric and electronic circuits and leverage the Altair HyperSpice simulator.