ModelicaExtras palette provides some Modelica components that can be use in Activate model.
In this palette we can find:
Modelica custom blocks/components
Modelica scalar vector conversion
Modelica structure insertion and extraction
and other components to facilitate the use of Modelica in Activate


    The behavior of this block is user-defined in Modelica language.


    This blocks allows users to define a component behavior in Modelica language.


    The output of this block is a real scalar obtained by evaluating the Modelica expressions specified as block parameters. The expression is given in terms of variables u1,...un (except if using custom input names) where ui is the ith scalar input.


    This block outputs a Modelica signal so that its input remains zero.


    This block provides a generic interface for including diagrams from other Activate models. It gives the possibility to choose between several diagrams.