Select and deselect objects to modify with other Virtual Wind Tunnel for ultraFluidX tools. Selected objects are outlined to indicate their selection state.

Hover over an object to highlight it.

In idle mode, objects can be selected from either the modeling window or the browser area. Selecting an object in the modeling window automatically selects the corresponding object in the browser and vice versa.

When working in a tool, objects should be selected from the modeling window.

Select Single Objects

Select a single object by left-clicking.

Append and Remove Objects From a Selection

  • In a browser or a dialog:
    • Append and remove individual objects to/from your selection by holding Ctrl while left-clicking.
    • To extend your selection from a selected object to a target object, hold Shift while left-clicking.
  • In the modeling window:
    • Append objects to your selection by holding Ctrl while left-clicking.
    • Remove objects from your selection by holding Shift while left-clicking.
  • Clear your selection in the following ways:
    • Left-click in empty space.
      Note: Only available in idle mode.
    • If a guide bar is active, click .
Tip: Holding Ctrl turns selected parts transparent, enabling you to select or deselect the parts behind them. Deselect transparent selected items by clicking on their edge lines.

Select Multiple Objects Simultaneously

Select multiple objects simultaneously using window selection.
  • Dragging left-to-right selects every object the box touches.
  • Dragging right-to-left only selects objects entirely within the box.

Figure 1.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls


To do this Press
Window select Left Mouse Drag
Append selection Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Deselect Shift + Left Mouse Click
Select displayed Ctrl + A
Reverse selection Ctrl + R