Revolve Faces

Revolve a face, line, or 2D edge.

  1. On the Geometry tab, in the Modify group, click the Revolve Faces tool.

  2. Click a face, line, or 2D edge.
  3. To designate the rotation axis, click an edge, line, or cylindrical hole.
    Selecting an edge on another part projects the axis of revolution to the planar face that will be rotated.
  4. Choose from the following options:
    • Drag the face, line, or 2D edge.
    • Drag the white arrow on the compass.
    • Enter an angle in the microdialog.

    Figure 1. Revolving a Part
  • To create a new part, hold down Shift or Ctrl while dragging.
  • To reposition the axis of revolution using the Move tool, click in the microdialog.
  • Drag the rotation arrow by its midpoint to snap to snap points. Clicking elsewhere on the rotation arrow will temporarily disable snapping.
  • Selecting a face from a 2D sheet automatically revolves the face a full 360 degrees. Once you drag the face, the only way to get back to a full 360 degrees is to enter 360 in the microdialog.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls

To Do this
Activate the Push/Pull tool P or double-click
Make the object a new part Shift or Ctrl
Exit tool Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.