Altair Virtual Wind Tunnel for ultraFluidX 2020.1 Release Notes

New Features

"Rake" capability added to surface and volume probe creation workflows
The surface and volume probe capabilities have been enhanced through the addition of rakes. Users can now define lines of equally spaced points at which the surface or volume data will be sampled. For volume probes, the new feature accepts two points as input to define the line, then the number of points to place on the line is specified with a micro-dialog input. For surface probes, the new tool accepts an arbitrary number of inputs that are snapped to the surface and can be collapsed to a straight line.

Resolved Issues

  • Improved the performance of probe creation.
  • Corrected a syntax error in the .xml file written by VWT when specifying the <output_variables_full> and <output_variables_surface> block of text.
  • Resolved a missing graphics update after part replacement.
  • Corrected the list of output variable names available for volume outputs.
  • Corrected an issue with the activation of output coefficients in the uFX .xml file when they were de-activated in the user interface.
  • Resolved a problem when importing surface and volume probes from CSV text files.
  • Resolved an issue with graphics not updating properly after a surface probe instance was deleted via the legend right-click menu.