Command Line Options

This topic summarizes the command line options that are supported by hwGenImages.

help or h (boolean)
If set, the program prints a usage message and exits. The usage message includes all available options, their current values, and the place where each option is set.
problem or pb (string)
The name of the problem, which will be used for the name of the output file. It also sets the name of the .inp file that is searched for by default (<pb>.inp).
input_file or inp (string)
The input file name (file.inp) to be used in the templated report generation
run_directory or dir (string)
The location of the run directory
num_processors or np (integer)
Number of processors to use for parallel processing of the results
copy or copy_input (boolean)
Copy input file into run directory
port or socket_port (string)
Socket port for client server communication
fv_type or fieldview_type (enum)
Type of FieldView installation: acuFv or full
image_size (enum)
Size of images which will be generated (tiny=640x480, small=800x600, medium_small=960x720, medium=1280x960, medium_large=1920x1440, poster_medium_large=1920x1280, large=2560x1920, poster_large=2880x1920, huge=3840x2880): tiny, small, medium_small, medium, medium_large, poster_medium_large, large, poster_large, huge
log or log_msg (boolean)
Record terminal output to a log file
overwrite_output or overwrite (boolean)
Overwrite output of previous run
stream_msg or stream (boolean)
Stream output to terminal
run or run_fieldview (boolean)
Indicates to run FieldView or not. Setting to false can help identify issues with input, or generate report with existing images or building plots without images.
ifmt or image_format (enum)
Format for the individual frames: png, jpg, bmp, miff, eps
dg or dataguide (boolean)
Activate dataguide to accelerate subsequent file reads
sr or software_render (boolean)
Use software rendering
opt_bnd_mem or optimize_boundary_memory (boolean)
Optimize boundaries for memory usage
opt_iso_mem or optimize_isosurface_memory (boolean)
Optimize isosurfaces for memory usage
opt_view or optimize_view_operations (boolean)
Optimize view operations for speed
fit or fit_view (boolean)
Fit each image to the screen
exp_plt or export_plots (boolean)
Export plot data in text file
rep or generate_report (boolean)
Generate report containing images
format or report_format (enum)
Report format (PDF or powerpoint): pdf, pptx, both
borders or images_borders (boolean)
Add borders to images in reports
xdb or write_extract_database (boolean)
Write extract data base to disk
batch or run_in_batch (boolean)
Run completely in batch mode
verbose or v (integer)
Set the verbose level for printing information to the screen. Each higher verbose level prints more information. If verbose is set to 0 (or less), only warning and error messages are printed. If verbose is set to 1, basic processing information is printed in addition to warning and error messages. This level is recommended. Verbose levels greater than 1 provide information useful only for debugging.