Advanced Screen Capture

Record a video or take a snapshot of a specific area or the full screen with the current background.

  1. From the menu bar, click File > Screen Capture > Advanced Screen Capture.
    A screen capture microdialog appears in the modeling window.
  2. Configure settings.
    1. In the microdialog, click Settings .
    2. Configure the Screen Capture Settings, which apply to both snapshots and videos:
      Include mouse cursor
      Include the mouse cursor when recording a video or taking a snapshot of the screen.
      Note: This option doesn't apply to Quick Snapshot.
      Save to a default file location

      Automatically save the video or snapshot to a default location.

      To specify the default location, click then select a folder.

      Capture delay (sec)
      Define the number of seconds that elapse before the video starts recording or the snapshot is taken.

      The default delay time is 3 seconds.

      Note: This option doesn't apply to Quick Snapshot.
    3. Configure the Video Settings:
      Frame rate
      Define the number of frames displayed per second in the video.

      The default frame rate is 24.

      File format
      Save the video as a .mp4 or .gif file.
  3. Define the capture area.
    • Click , then left-click and drag to capture a specific screen size.
    • Click to capture the entire screen.
  4. Capture the screen
    • Click to take a snapshot.
    • Click to begin recording. Interact with the model then click the icon again to stop recording.
      Note: The screen capture is not limited to the Virtual Wind Tunnel for ultraFluidX window. It will capture the defined area even if you bring another window into view or minimize the application. This causes the microdialog to remain in the foreground.
  5. Choose a folder and type a file name.
  6. Click Save.