Altair® Monarch® Server


When a Job Fails to Run

A job may fail to run for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • The Automator Service is not running: Check the Server Status page and make sure that the service is running.

  • No input files are in the input folder: When you create a process, you specify a folder where the input file you want to use is located (or will be located). If the File Existence Criteria you specified for the project is that at least one input file must exist or that all files must exist, the job will not run until an input file of the specified type appears in the input folder.

  • Associated report file is no longer available: If the report file associated with the job's project is no longer present, the job will be halted.

  • Project file is no longer available: If you attempt to run a process for which the project file no longer exists or has been moved, the associated job will fail to run.

  • Process prerequisites have not been met: If you specified a process prerequisite, the associated job will not run until that prerequisite has been met, regardless of when you scheduled the process to run.

Note: For each job that is spawned a log file is created. If a job fails to run, you should examine the job's log, as it should provide information as to why the job failed.