Altair® Monarch® Server


PRF Info Screen

Use this dialog to specify settings for a portable report. To access this dialog, select the Portable Report (PRF) as the file type when you set the folder and file name in the Output File dialog and then select Next.

The Portable Report Settings dialog includes the following options:

  • Description: Displays a description of Portable Report File: file name, file location, and behavior when output files exist (overwrite, add, or skip).

  • PRF options:

  • Include Tree View Index: Includes the Tree view index in the portable report. Typically, the tree view index will contain the values from fields at each sort level in the report. When a portable report is viewed in Monarch Report Explorer, the tree view index is displayed in the same manner that Windows Explorer displays a directory tree. Each report represents a root of the tree, with branches for each field selected as part of the tree view index.

  • Include Model: Includes the model file in the portable report.

  • Encrypt PRF: Password-protects the portable report.

  • Change PRF Password: Specifies a password for the PRF via the Change PRF Password dialog.

  • Compression options: Select one of the following compression options:

    • None: Specifies no compression of the portable report contents.

    • Medium (Fast): Compresses and decompresses slightly faster than the Maximum compression option, and yields a compression ratio of approximately 5:1. This compression ratio may vary depending upon the density of information in your reports.

    • Maximum: Compresses and decompresses slightly slower than the Medium compression option but typically yields a compression ratio of 10:1. This compression ratio may vary depending upon the density of information in your reports.

Note: If you plan to distribute the portable report you should compress it by selecting the Medium or the Maximum option.

  • Back: Displays the Output File screen.

  • Finish: Saves the current export settings and closes the Export Wizard.

  • Cancel: Cancels the export operation and closes the Export Wizard.