Altair® Monarch® Server


Excel Advanced Features Screen

Use this dialog to use Excel Advanced Features when exporting to Microsoft Excel.

The Excel Advanced Features dialog box includes the following settings:

  • Description: Displays information about the export, as entered in previous screens. For instance, if you are exporting a Summary, the description displays the summary being exported, the output file or folder to export to, and table that will be used.

  • Document Properties: Displays the Document Properties dialog box. Here, you can set the property values of the Excel file, such as its Category, Creator, Description, Keywords, Subject, and Title.

  • Digital Signature: Allows you to embed the currently selected digital signature to the exported Excel file (XLSX/XLSM). This option is available for Table and Summary exports. By adding a digital signature, you establish the authenticity, integrity, and non repudiation of the export output.

  • Certificate...: Displays a Select Certificate dialog. Options will allow you to digitally sign with a valid X.509 Certificate (an existing Certificate selected from the Current User's Certificate Store or from a Certificate file).

  • Add AutoFilter drop down lists to column labels in the Table: Enables the Excel AutoFilter feature, ready and active when you open the exported Excel file. This option is available for Table exports.

  • Include Report view text in XLSX file: Allows you to include source data with the exported Excel file (XLSX/XLSM). This option is available for Table exports. Readers of the exported file can work with the Monarch Context add-in to reference the source data, or the even view the source report.

  • Include Pivot Table sheet: This option is available for Table exports to Excel 2007 (xlsx) files.

    • Fields: Use this tab to select the desired pivot field filters, columns, rows and values.

    • Options: Use this tab to specify the Pivot Table name, action (if the Pivot Table exists), style, and grand total parameters.

  • Back: Displays the Column Info screen.

  • Finish: Saves the current export settings and closes the Export Wizard.

  • Cancel: Cancels the export operation and closes the Export Wizard.