Altair® Monarch® Server


Assigning Privileges

When you grant privileges to roles, user groups or users, you specify which actions the role members, group members or users can perform within Monarch Server.

The following privileges can be granted:

  • Common Privileges

    • Administrator: Allows users to log on to MSAdmin.

    • SubAdmin: Allows users limited administration.

    • Portlets: Allows users to view portlets — Panopticon Workbooks — in Client.

    • SaaS Administrator: Allows users limited administration.

  • Content System Privileges

    • Document search: Allows users to configure searches.

    • Save search: Allows users to save searches that they created.

    • Report search: Allows users to search and view original reports.

    • Delete document: Allows users to delete documents from the report warehouse.

    • Download Original Report: Allows users to download the archive copy of reports.

    • Concatenate Original Reports: Allows users to download a number of original PDF reports as a single file.

    • Create annotation: Allows users to create annotations.

    • Create notification: Allows users to create search notifications and filing notifications.

    • See trustee list on save Annotation: Allows the user to view the list of trustees in the saved annotation report.  

    • See trustee list on save Search: Allows the user to view the list of trustees in the saved search. 

    • Add attachments on Annotations: Allows the user to add attachments to the annotation report.

    • Create Annotations for all users: Allows the user to create an annotation report accessible to all users.

    • Edit and delete Annotations: Allows the user to modify and remove annotations.

    • See Annotations: Allows the user to view the existing annotations.

  • RMS Privileges

    • RMS User: Allows the user to connect to RMS Client.

    • RMS Administrator: Provides the user with full administration rights to Monarch Server Report Mining Edition.

To grant privileges

  1. On the Navigation Tree, click Rights and Privileges, and select Roles, User Groups or Users (depending on who you want to assign privileges to).

  2. Click the name of a role, user group or user by clicking anywhere on the row, and then click .

  3. In the Privileges section, select the necessary check boxes to specify the privileges for the role, user group, or user.

  4. Click Save to save the current settings.