Altair® Monarch® Server


About Project Files

A project file is a configuration file – created via Monarch Complete or the Project Editor – that has an XPRJ or DPRJ extension and contains all of the information necessary to execute one or more Automator operations.

A project file stores:

q  Information about the project's data source (e.g., one or more report files, an external database, etc.)

q  The path and filename of the model file

q  The name of the active filter, sort order and summary

q  Information about project exports, portable report settings, and process prerequisites


When you create a process in Automator, one of the key steps you perform is to assign a project file (or files) to it. Projects generated within Monarch Complete can be used "as is" in and can also be enhanced with the use of the Project Editor to add Automator-specific settings, such as process prerequisites, to them.

For more information on project files, consult the Automator Help file.