Altair® Monarch® Server


Re-running a Failed Job

Let’s restore the original input file for the February Sales process and try re-running the job for the ClassFeb project.


1.     On the Navigation Tree, click Server Library, and select Projects. The Projects page is displayed.

2.     Select the ClassFeb project file from the list, and clickthe Edit Selected Project icon clip0003.

3.     On the project file page of ClassFeb, click the Open in Project Editor button. The Project Editor window displays.

4.     In the Project Editor, select the Input tab.

5.     In the input file field, enter the correct file name, i.e., ClassFeb.prn. Click Commit, and click Commit again in the Save Project to Server Library dialog box.

6.     Navigate to the Jobs page. On the Navigation Tree, click Automator, and select Jobs under Standard Processes.  

7.     On the Jobs page, select the failed job, and click the Re-run iconRun now.

8.     Automator displays the Job re-run successfully started message.

9.     Click the Refresh Jobs icon Reload grid  button on the Jobs page. Continue clicking the Refresh Jobs icon until the "Job completed without errors" message displays.

Because the process successfully ran this time, you will also notice that you didn’t receive an email notification of its failure.