Altair® Monarch® Server


About Alerts

Automator provides an alerting mechanism that sends notifications based on certain conditions. You can, for example, be notified via email if a process fails to run. These notifications are called alerts. Some alerts are pre-defined within Automator itself, while others can be defined in global, pre-export or post- export scripts, using the AddEvent method from the JobLog object.

Automator includes the following pre-defined alerts:

q  SystemAlertJobFailed - Provides notification that a job has failed.

q  SystemAlertNoInputToExporter - Provides notification that there was no input to the Exporter (that is, input file does not exist).

q  SystemAlertProcessFailed - Provides notification that a process has failed.

q  SystemAlertDistributionError - Indicates that a distribution has failed.

q  SystemAlertVerifyFailed – Indicates that a project verification failure has occurred.

q  Existing alerts are listed on the Alerts page. Once an alert has been defined, one of the following distribution actions should be assigned to it:

q  Email - Select this to specify an email action.

q  RSS - Select this to specify an RSS action.

q  Log - Select this to specify an Application Event Log action.