Altair® Monarch® Server


About Distributions

Distributions are actions that distribute or handle information or files outside of Automator.

For example, distributions can include:

q  The sending of e-mails (with or without attachments)

q  RSS feeds

q  Moving, copying and deleting files (to both the file system and to FTP and WebDAV-compliant servers using http)

q  Writing to the Windows Event Log

Distributions can be specified for input files, output files, and portable reports, and are configured with the Distribution Editor.

There are two types of distributions that can be specified:

q  Global Distributions – These distributions are defined in the Automator application and can apply to any input files that are used in all processes and any output files and portable reports that are produced by all processes in the specified folders. For more information about global distributions, consult the web help.

q  Project-Specific Distributions – Project distributions are defined in the Monarch Complete and apply to the input, output, or portable report files of only the specified project. They do not apply across all projects in a process, as global distributions do.