Altair® Monarch® Server


About Jobs

A job is the resulting task for one or more projects assigned to the job’s associated process. When a process runs, it ultimately spawns one or more jobs. Each job then appears as a row on the Jobs page. You can view the list of jobs, their states, and their associated job logs.

To view the Jobs page, on the Navigation Tree, double-click Automator and select Jobs. You may delete jobs, cancel jobs, and even re-run jobs that have failed due to process prerequisites that haven't been met, for example.

The Jobs page displays the following information:

q  The job’s unique ID number

q  The name of its associated process (January Sales)

q  The status of the job, which is currently “Job completed without errors”

q  The date and time when the job was registered

q  The date and time when the job was last processed

To re-run the job, click the Re-run icon Run now.

To view the jobs log, click the View Job Log icon View log.

To check the most current job status, click the Reload Grid  icon Reload grid.

To delete the job, click the Delete Selected Job icon Delete end row .

To cancel the job, click the Cancel iconCancel job.

Depending on the time needed for jobs to execute and other various factors, the following statuses may be returned:

q  If the job is not yet complete, the status of the job will read "Job running".

q  If the job has finished running, it will read "Job Completed without errors".

q  If the job fails to run successfully, consult web help for more information.