Altair® Monarch® Server


Monarch Server Installation

You need to start NetTcpPortSharing in Windows Services if the application uses TCP (by default).

1.     Click Start, point to Administrative tools, and double-click Services.

2.     Right-click on NetTcpPortSharing, and select Properties.

3.     In the Startup type drop-down list, select Automatic, and click OK.

Next time you start Windows, the service will be started automatically.

It is recommended that you stop Internet Server Services before you begin the installation.

You must be logged on as a local administrator on the machine where you are going to install the Monarch Server system, or the UAC should be turned off during the installation process.



If some system files are to be replaced during the installation, you will see a message informing of a Windows restart requirement at the end of the installation.


Open the directory with the installation files, and check whether it contains the license file labeled as “ds.lic.” If not, copy this file from the original Monarch Server installation media to the directory from which you are going to install Monarch Server.



If the configuration machine name in the license file is not the same as the machine name of installation, the warning message is displayed: “Config machine name in license does not match current machine name. Config service will not start properly.” You can proceed with the installation.

For Monarch Server v2021.0, you can proceed with the installation without a license. The licensing can be configured after completing the installation. Details are available here.