Altair® Monarch® Server


Upgrading Using Multi-installer

If you have the Monarch Server application v13.5 (or later) installed on your computer and launch the latest version’s installer to upgrade it, it is NOT necessary to remove the previous installation.

To prepare for the upgrade

1.     Close the Configurator.

2.     Stop the Application Pool (IIS) used by the MS web applications (MSAdmin, MSClient, RMSClient) or stop the sites where the web applications are deployed.

To upgrade to the latest version

1.     Run MonarchServerv2021x64.msi or MonarchServerv2021x86.msi, whichever is applicable to the previous installation. Make sure that the license file is available in the same folder as the installer.

2.     Proceed with the installation as usual (Steps 1–3, 7, and 9–10, Single Server Installation section).

3.     In Monarch Server Configurator, click the Configurator tab, and then click the Instances tab.

4.     In the Instances tab, click the Database Operations button to launch the Database Operations window.

5.     In the Database Operations window, click Update Database, and then close the window.

6.     Click Apply in the Instances tab to save the changes.

7.     Run the Application Pool.

8.     In the Services tool, restart Monarch Server Config Service, and start Monarch Server Agent Service to activate the update.

The upgraded version should now be available.



q  Restart the server if requested during the upgrade.

q  The initial load of the application may take a few seconds to deploy the update.

q  This upgrade supports Monarch Server v13.5 or later.

q  In case of distributed installation, MonarchServerv2021x64.msi may be used for every machine.

q  After the upgrade, web.config reverts to the old state for the multi-installer. Thus, in each web.config, version numbers should be manually changed from (or to for "Newtonsoft.Json" and from (or to for "System.Net.Http.Formatting."

q  MonarchServerWebv2021x64.msi or MonarchServerWebv2021x86.msi does not need to be run during the upgrade. Web applications are upgraded automatically. Only MonarchServerv2021x64.msi (MonarchServerv2021x86.msi) needs to be run.