Altair® Monarch®


Finding Information in a Table

Monarch Classic's Search panel lets you search for information in a table:


You can search for any text, including letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation.


  1. While a table is displayed, do the following to bring up the Search Panel:

    • Select Search on the Table View ribbon.

    • Press CTRL+F.

  2. Type a search string in the Search box. You may enter up to 128 characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation.

  3. Set the search options:

    • Click the Cancel button to abandon the search operation. Note that this button only displays when the search operation has not been completed.

    • Check the Search Up box to search backward through the report.

    • Check Wrap if you wish to search for the word even if it wraps to the next line.

    • Check Match Case to perform a case-sensitive search.

    • Check Expression Search if you want to do a search using a search expression.

  4. Click on Find Next to initiate the search. Keep clicking Find Next to search further down (or up) the document.

  5. To quit searching, close the Search Panel by selecting CTRL+F or by selecting the red x box at the side of the search panel.