Altair® Monarch®


External Lookups Window

Monarch Classic’s External Lookup window enables you to view, edit, or create external lookups, which are used to link two or more database sources together or to link a report to one or more database sources.


  1. Select External Lookups on the Table Design Ribbon.

  2. The window displays a list of existing external lookup definitions on the selector. If no external lookups have been defined, select Click to add a new External Lookup.

To display the properties of an existing external lookup, select it from the Data Sources selector.




Enter a name for the external lookup. If you don’t assign a name to the external lookup, it will be named "External Lookup".

Linking Column

A linking column defines the link(s) between the Monarch Classic table and the external database.

Click the check box corresponding to a field you wish to use as a linking column. Once checked, complete the link by selecting the corresponding link field in the Table Window Name column.


Check the boxes of the fields you wish to import into the Monarch Classic table window.

If you want to select all fields click on Select All at the bottom of the table.

Source Name

Displays the names of all columns that are available from the external database.


Displays the data type (e.g., character, numeric, date/time) of a column

Table Window Name

If the field is not a linking column, this displays the name of the field that will be used in the target table.


  •  By default, Monarch Classic will use the Source Name. If this name already exists in the table, Monarch Classic will add a suffix to differentiate the field name.

  • If you wish to add a prefix to differentiate external lookup fields, use the Name Prefix box at the bottom of the table.

If the field is a linking column, use the Table Window Column drop-down list to select a Monarch Classic table column that defines a lookup between the Monarch Classic table and the external database.

Select All

Click to select all fields in the external database (i.e., all fields in the external database will be included in the Monarch Classic table).

Deselect All

Click to deselect all source fields.

Name Prefix

Enter the desired name prefix (optional). This string will be prefixed to each Table Window name that is subsequently generated. For example, if you wanted each field to be prefixed with some string, you would type the string into this box, then press "Select All". This would then select all import fields and automatically assign them names with the specified prefix.

Replace nulls with default values

Select to replace any null strings, numbers or dates with default values of empty strings, zeros and default dates (1/1/1970), respectively.

Text Parameters: First row contains column names

Select  this box if the first row contains the names of the columns. Column names will not be considered as data.