RD-E: 3700 Analytical Beam

A cantilever beam submitted to a shear-bending is tested by Radioss linear and nonlinear solvers. Different kinds of Radioss finite elements provide results close to the analytical one.

This example deals with the use of Radioss linear and nonlinear solvers. A beam submitted to a concentrated load on one extremity and fixed on the other hand is studied. This problem is well known and results can be compared with analytical solutions.

Figure 1.

Different meshes are tested: beam, shell, thick-shell, and brick elements. For thick-shell representation, different formulations are also tested: HA8, HSEPH, and 16-node thick-shell.

Moreover, this study tests with solvers: linear and nonlinear implicit solvers, as well as nonlinear explicit solver. The linear solver is used for small displacements, whereas nonlinear can solve more problems.

The main propose of this example is to illustrate how to prepare a Radioss deck for linear analysis. It also demonstrates a high quality of Radioss finite elements to resolve linear and nonlinear problems.