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Uses of the HyperXtrude User Profile

Uses of the HyperXtrude User Profile

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Uses of the HyperXtrude User Profile

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The HyperXtrude user profile is used for:

Creating HyperXtrude data decks
Launching the HyperXtrude solver using the current model and existing data deck


The HyperXtrude interface in HyperMesh provides the tools to create HyperXtrude data.  This data is organized into the following two files:

.grf files containing the mesh, material data, boundary conditions, bearing profiles, and other special problem data
.hx files containing commands to set process parameters and control the solver operations.  Some of these commands are in Tcl language. This command file can also have the extension .tcl or .fsw. For the sake of uniformity and consistency with previous releases, this file will be referred to as a TCL file in this help document. The user interface exports this file with the extension .hx  for HyperXtrude and .fsw for the HyperWeld/FrictionStirWelding  profiles.

In order to make the process of generating data files simple and efficient, the following features are embedded in the interface.

Easy-to-use, GUI-driven interface
Tools for designing bearing profiles
Material database
Boundary condition editor
Process parameters and extract points editor
Model summary
Data import and export



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