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To scale entities

To scale entities

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To scale entities

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1.Open the Scale panel.
2.Click the entity selector switch and select the data type of the entity you want to scale (nodes, surfaces, etc.).
3.Indicate the entities you want to scale:
Select the entities on your model in the graphics area.


Click the yellow data type box and use the extended entity selection menu.


Selected entities highlight in white.

4.Click node under origin: and pick a node to define the origin of scaling.  Click twice to type in a Node ID instead of clicking a node.
Note:If you don’t select a node for the origin, the global or local coordinate system’s origin is used (see next step).


In this example, the center node is selected as the origin.

5.Click the coordinate system toggle to select the global system or a local system.

If you use a local system, enter the ID of the desired system or click it in the graphics area.

6.Select scaling factors:
Click uniform and enter a uniform scaling factor, which applies to all scales.


Click x scale =, y scale =, or z scale = and enter the scaling factors for the corresponding coordinates.
7.Click scale+ or scale– to change the selected entity’s size.


This image shows the results of a uniform scale- operation.



To undo scaling, use the opposite function without changing the scaling factors or origin.  Each click of scale+ reverses a click of scale- and vice versa.