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Session Tab

Session Tab

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Session Tab

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The following parameters must be specified on the Session tab of the Define Altair HyperXtrude Analysis Parameters dialog:



Process Type

Type of process, such as Metal Extrusion, Polymer Processing, Metal Rolling, or Friction Stir Welding.

Job Description

Description of job/model. This text will be used as a caption for images created by the HyperXtrude post-processor.

Nonlinear Iteration Tolerance

Tolerance for nonlinear iterations. The default value is 0.001. This value defines the convergence criteria for nonlinear iterations.

Time Increment

Time step. This value is used for transient analysis, and is used only with the constant time step format.

AutoSave Frequency

Frequency at which the solution should be saved to the HyperXtrude solution file (*.phx). The default value is 1.

Job/Model Name

Name of the job. This text is used to form file names, therefore follow the naming standards that correspond to your operating system. Avoid using spaces, tabs, and other special characters.

Maximum Nonlinear Iterations

Maximum iterations per time step. Nonlinear iteration loops stop when the convergence criterion set by Nonlinear Iteration Tolerance is met. If the solution is not convergent, the loop will stop when it reaches this maximum value. The default value is 25.

Maximum Time Steps

Maximum number of time steps. This value is used for transient analysis and only for the constant time step format.

Transient Tolerance

Tolerance for transient case. Transient loops will stop when the change between two successive time steps is smaller than this value.



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