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Project Browser

Project Browser

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Project Browser

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The Project Browser module is common to all HyperXtrude related sub-profiles. This module is currently configured for the Extrusion Wizard in the Metal Extrusion sub-profile and all wizards in Polymer Processing sub-profiles.


hmtoggle_plus1greyProject Browser Settings

The Project Browser settings are established when the browser is launched for the first time. Click wizard to display the HX Configurations Settings window. Click Save, if nothing is selected. If any of these options are selected, click Next to configure default paths for selected options.


You can edit the settings by clicking Back.


Project Root Folder – Select a suitable project root. Using the Project Browser, you can browse the selected root directory.
HX Job Manager EXE Path – This path points to the location of HX Job Manager in HX interface.   Starting 14.0, HX Job Manager is included with HW 14.0. Hence, the interface will ignore this variable and use the one that comes with the installation.
User Material Folder– Select the path where the user material data files are maintained. This is optional. You can have you own material database in a folder where they have write permissions, in additional to what is distributed with HyperXtrude.

Click Save to save the settings and invoke the Project Browser.


hmtoggle_plus1greyProject Browser tab

If you click on Extrusion Wizard in the Metal Extrusion sub-profile or any wizard in the Polymer Processing sub-profile, the Project Browser panel will be displayed. In this panel you can browse the folders inside the project root folder.


Initially, unrecognized folders are marked as Undetected, and are preceded by the icon tab-24.

To start using the Project Browser, mark folders appropriately by right clicking on them and marking them as either a Project folder or a Non-project folder.

Non-project folders can contain project folders, non-project folders, and other sub-folders and files, if any.
Project folders can contain HyperMesh files, run folders and other undetected folders.

A HyperXtrude project folder is indicated by the clientHyperXtrude-24 icon. A non-project folder is indicated by the folder-24 icon. HyperXtrude project folders or non-project folders are not automatically recognized as such. Mark folders accordingly by right clicking on them and selecting one of the options, as shown in the picture below.


For example, the image below indicates that the folders BilletSkinTracking and Extrusion_project are marked as project folders and the folder MetalExtrusion is marked as a non-project folder. ToolDeflectionAnalysis remains as an undetected folder.


You cannot create a project or non-project sub-folders inside a project folder. Project folders are intended to contain only HyperMesh files and run folders pertaining to that project.


hmtoggle_plus1greyProject Panel Functionalities



Clicking on Project Browser will expand or shrink the Project Browser tab.


Icon Bar - Contains icons for commonly used actions. They are:

New Project, fileNew-24(creates a new project folder)

New non-project fileNewDocument-24 (creates a new non-project folder)Save As fileSaveAs-24

Refresh refresh-24

Delete delete-24(deletes a project/non-project)

Up up-24(to browse one level above)


Current location

Current location of the Project Browser is shown below the icon bar.


Project Browser tab

The Project Browser tab has two columns. The first column shows the folders in that path. The second column shows the sub-profile in which the project was created.

The MetaData file inside a project folder or a non-project folder has detailed information of the folder, including the sub-profile name and the wizard name. This file should not be edited by you and is automatically managed by the interface.

While loading the project, if there is any mismatch between the current sub-profile and the wizard with respect to the data inside file, it will warn you and prompt you to select the valid project.



Placing the cursor on the folder will display the details of the files and folders inside the selected folder

Right clicking on the folders inside the project root folder populates the context sensitive menus. These Project Browser menus are explained in detail in subsequent sections.