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postscript subpanel

postscript subpanel

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postscript subpanel

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The postscript subpanel allows you to produce a PostScript image of the screen and to change the PostScript printing attributes.

You cannot print a PostScript image from within HyperMesh, but you can print them from other programs such as Microsoft Word.  To print an imported Encapsulated PostScript image in MS Word, you must have a PostScript-capable printer installed.  You can check this by selecting Print from the File menu to show the print dialog and pressing the Properties button next to the printer name.  If the printer selected is capable of printing PostScript, a PostScript tab is present in the Properties dialog.

To set MS Word to send the imported file as a PostScript image to the printer, press the Options button in the print dialog. Make sure the option Print PostScript over text is selected.  If it is not selected, the PostScript preview or file information is printed instead of the actual PostScript image.

You can save a screenshot as a JPEG file by pressing ctrl-F6.  The JPEG file is automatically named image#.jpg, where # is an automatically incrementing number starting at 0. The quality of the JPEG file is controlled by the slider located under jpeg quality.  When the reverse video option is checked, the JPEG file is generated with a white background.  You can create JPEG animation files by an automatic or manual process.  Automatic creates one JPEG file for each frame in the animation. Manual creates only one JPEG file that is a screen shot of the current frame.


How do I...

Set-up the hm.cfg file to print PostScript files

Create a black and white PostScript file or printout

Create a color PostScript file or printout

Alter the page length or width of a screen image

Create a *.jpg screen capture

Create a JPEG animation file

Create a single frame of an animation file in *.jpg format