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HX-1000: Overview of Polymer Processing Tutorials

HX-1000: Overview of Polymer Processing Tutorials

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HX-1000: Overview of Polymer Processing Tutorials

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Altair HyperXtrude is packed with features for extensive support polymer processing analysis and similar problems. The goal of these tutorials is to enable you to use HyperXtrude for your analysis. If a specific tutorial you need is not available in the release, please contact It may be already available, however, not included in the release.

HyperXtrude is used to analyze following classes of problems. These analyses include the study of material flow, heat transfer, and free surface/material interface/tool deformation (depending on the context).

Film and sheet extrusion
Profile extrusion
Runner balancing
Paste extrusion
Flow in mixing devices
Fiber spinning
Flow in single and twin screw extruders

In general, HyperXtrude can be used to model the material flow in arbitrary three-dimensional conduits. In order to facilitate these analyses, HyperXtrude supports a variety of material models. These models can be function of shear rate, temperature and time (thixotropy). Models supported for non-Newtonian flow in HyperXtrude are:

Power law model
Carreau Yasuda model
Cross model
Modified Cross model
Regularized Herschel-Bulkley model
User defined material model

HyperXtrude uses Casson model for thixotropy and supports four different temperature dependency functions.


Numbering Convention




Overview of polymer processing tutorials


Geometry related - Importing CAD, Geom Cleanup, Solid Editing


Mixing and pumping devices


Film and Sheet Extrusion


Profile extrusion


Coextrusion, Extrusion with metal inserts, Wire coating etc.


Post extrusion operations such as calibrators, etc.


Tool deflection analysis


Morphing, optimization, etc.


Material properties


Special topics such as, runner balancing etc.


Post processing


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