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Model Setup

Model Setup

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Model Setup

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In this step mesh and boundary conditions are generated. By this time, you should already know the dimensions of the billet.



Workpiece Mesh

Mesh Type

The wizard allows choosing one of the three types of meshes, i.e, Coarse, Medium or Fine mesh. Wizard generates workpiece mesh with all HEX8 elements.

Tool Mesh

Mesh Type

Tool components are exported as HEX8 elements. However, at present, tool deformation analysis is not performed.

Manipulator Length

This length is used to generate the clamp/manipulator contact BCs on each end of the workpiece.

Boundary Conditions

The outer surface of the workpiece is divided into three types of BCs.

Outflow BC -  at each end of the workpiece
ClampSurface BC – surface of the billet that comes in contact with manipulator/clamp at each end of the workpice
PunchContact BC – represents the surface of the billet that can come in contact with the dies/punches

Die Contact Heat Transfer BC

You can specify one of the allowed three types of contact heat transfer conditions.

Heat Flux